Italia 2014 #2: Day 1 Navigate

Navigating has been a bit of a learning curve for me, especially in diligent research before embarking on a journey. Seems to be a trait in me, somewhat even in my own life. Explorers have spoken about the Orion & the shadow casted being great tools for navigating without the compass. True North seems a […]

Thirstday #49: Honesty

Conver with a friend led me to realise perhaps I haven’t been allowing myself to be honest, especially with my heart for some time. Used to be quite 敢爱敢恨(Chinese: straightforward & candid in emotions), even in aspects of romantic relationships. Current status: still scared to death to engage the heart too much really. Have fun, […]

Thirstday #48: Dreams

This ring has been “lost” since a few moons ago. Or at least, I lost sight of it, thinking that I’ve dropped it somehow, during a bumpy ride on my bike. Was rather disappointed that I lost it, cos I really like the simplicity of the single large angular stone, surrounded by small bits of […]