Sunday Post: Road

A boardwalk which has been existing since 1999 in my city. Was a refreshing & relaxing walk, listening & observing interesting interactions between the secondary forest, the little scuttlers & climbers, as well as the little streams flowing alongside the boardwalk. Ended up sitting on a wooden stool overlooking the reservoir, with the soft breeze […]

5-Minute Friday: Beyond

Watching a programme on the various support crews of the 2012 London Olympics, there was an interesting segment introducing 4D videography. 3-dimensional + time-dimension. One could watch a replay of sports action & enjoy critical moments of a goal, a flip, a smash. Reminds me of how my Abba is limitless – omni-present+scient+potent. Beyond all […]

Sunday Post: Solid

Hand of my Grandma, during the last months of her fight with cancer. This Sunday post is especially poignant, because it is a tribute to my Granny, or Popo (婆婆), who has passed away this weekend. 15.07.12. I have always never cease to be amazed at how she can raise 4 kids, singlehandedly. My Grandpa […]

Last Leg of Marathon

Interestingly, this journey on forgiveness has taken me to the most basic lesson I first learnt about Abba’s pardon of my sins. Forgiven. Clean slate. Loved. Call intact. Am on the final leg of my journey I reckon. At least for the forgiveness part… I hope… lol… I know the Almighty’s on my case. One […]