31 Thirstdays #291014: Re-habiting

Learnt from reading some self-leadership topic about energy & time management, that knowing & tapping on the various energy zones over the day will be wise application of ourselves. I tend to agree with these 2 concepts.



Observing myself, realised that part of moving from depression or negative-loops, is to engage my mind in something constructive – learning, research, knowledge. Not the inspirational stuff I realise – at least not too much.

Let me explain, I am all for inspiration, prayer & the spiritual. Soul-nourishment is an abso important aspect of life. However, in my journey, I realise that there is also a time for everything. I will pray, seek strength for Abba during the waking moments & on Sabbaths. And balance up with other aspects of life, and of course critical thinking. I used to access the spiritual portion of life, perhaps to an extreme sense, so now, like a pendulum, it seeks to find an optimal swinging rhythm.

So I find myself engaging myself in the morning, in self-leadership, better-ing myself, learning, expanding knowledge. Empowering myself with productive thoughts, set the day on the right note for a good day at what I do.

Energy levels have also been better-managed, and a good rhythm is forming, thoughts are productive & energizing, and for increasingly, hope for future is returning.

I know You are leading my steps with Your wisdom, I acknowledge that. It is up to my decision to steward my life well, as You add to me & my family. I know You are not done with me yet!

…. Plans to prosper you… Hope & a future… – God.



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