Interesting hashtag which I came across recently. Well, for my generation (Gen-Xers), maybe am not exactly keeping up with the fast-advancing internet-social-network-speak per se. This hashtag thing, incidentally, I had just discovered it’s magic only a couple of weeks ago. Lol…. So much for one who has been relatively trendy for awhile. #yolo: you only […]

5-minute Friday: Ordinary

I look forward to witnessing the breathtaking works of the Ultimate Artist @ work, every ordinary day. This is a rhythm which has become a habit when I started travelling feverously for work to various cities in the region. It affords me a space as I watched the sun disappearing from the horizon, to heave […]

Five Minute Friday: Again-Rituals

There are some rituals which I have grown to realise I need to establish & keep over the last decade or so in my life. Rituals for self-care, rituals for family-bonding, rituals for important relationships in my life, rituals with the Almighty. Two of the more popular thread that runs through my rituals have been […]