Thirstday #68 / FWF: Still Humbled


Today’s session of practical exam at a training for trainers truly surfaced an attitude I have been having – complacency, which has resulted in a major boo-boo in the overall flow in the session I was facilitating.

I was calm in receiving the feedback, but you kind of know when things have not just not gone well, but somewhat wrong, that I kinda missed the point. Because, it was a rookie mistake. A mistake that as a trainer for these many years, I should not be making, but today, I have allowed myself to slip once more.

Utterly humbled, reminded that no matter how “basic” the projects may be, due diligence in preparation is required. I have prepared but left my linkages & transitions to the wind – not preparing the debrief points thoroughly enough. Not rehearsing.

My mistake. Rookie mistake, as a non-rookie. I am embarrased. But definitely shaken enough to want to adjust my attitude in taking anything “basic” lightly. To learn, to take instructions seriously & to respect advice.

Thank You, Lord, for this important reminder.



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