5-Minute Friday: Change

Writing this on a plane, enroute to what seeming is stirring in heart of new milestones, new perspectives, new territories. Change. Transformation. Metamorphosis. As this new month embarks, I celebrate a redefinition of life, & what is important to my heart. Not a massive sharp turn of direction in life, but a massive expansion of […]

5-Minute Friday: Join

Just a few weeks ago, I have been offered my 2nd job in a year. It’s been interesting because it has been my 2nd step of faith in testing out something which I believe I’ve heard – to step out in faith & see Abba’s providence. I remembered sharing with a friend a week after […]

#FWF: Road Less Travelled

As he placed one small foot in front of the other, taking care to step onto the planks of the track, he petitioned with the Heavens. He was praying for Baaji Tournesol, or Bahji Sol. As he held a conversation with the Almighty, Rajiv wondered about this big sister’s origins. Baaji was always different. Everything […]

Thirst-day #5: Sweetness Verbalised

Brown sugar on cuppacino at Starbucks @ Batam,  Indonesia. Probably the sweetest brown sugar tasted thus far. Darker in colour than most granulated brown sugar I’ve seen. Most granulated brown sugar is a lot more translucent & lighter in colour. Apparently it’s a more local form of brown sugar found in this part of the […]