Renewed Vocabulary

Today marked joy & seemingly returning to my stronger days @ work. Not that it was an entirely smooth day, but there was an indescribable lightness of heart, hearty laughter & enjoyment of hanging around with my colleagues. They’re really nice peeps btw. It’s just that I was trying really hard to “act” normal & […]


Shopping today has an increased level of excitement. Much like days before the “event” – I could actually say I enjoyed shopping today! Directed & focused on what I was looking for, very objective in walking away a possible impulse purchase of a 200-bucks FCUK watch which looks somewhat like the one he gave me […]


I noticed this about myself: I almost always come out of various seasons of my life quite spent & feels kinda emptied out… I concluded that it has to do with the way I commit to things. Half-heartedness has never been my best form. When I went into serving in my organisation 9 years ago, […]

Letting Go

Rallying between letting go & holding on // swinging between trusting & standing still vs wondering & wandering… Suggestions of possibilities & hope: I will let go & let the All-knowing One decide. All I know is I trust (learning to) in Your hands stirring the tides of my life towards Your insurmountable & ever-present […]

Mountains & Valleys

Yesterday was a massive valley & mountain-top experience per say. Yes, both can happen on the same day – as I’ve experienced as well on the fateful day. A mix of many factors culminating to valleys low: – pms – his birthday coming up: usually by this time, ideas of dinner & gift would be […]

The Lift

Today being the office has somewhat been tough. Not necessarily the issue of the stress level – I have gone through tougher times really. But the syndrome of the uncontrollable-tear-glands has ambushed me yet again. Perhaps pms & feeling relatively weak due to the long-awaited visit of the mark of woman-hood. For some reason, this […]