Closing Blog Post

Two minds about closing this blog. Just occurred to me today that I’ve moved on from all the memories, pain, struggles, & of course the moments I’ve collected with every individual whom I crossed paths with. Some stayed around for years till now, some faded into a distant memory, some are perhaps lingering around to […]

Thirstdays #66: Learn

Started on my mid-life learning journey, that back-to-school feeling is really good! Have always enjoyed learning, especially when I know it will be highly applicable quite immediately in work / life. Am thankful for being with an employer who puts emphasis on its people bettering & expanding themselves. This sponsored course has intrigued me much, […]

31 Thirstdays #311014: Leave

Some call it coincidence, I know it as prophetic. The last day of my journey in this month of seeking healing, it has become increasingly clear. The word for me about the past, is to leave what is in the past, in the past. I’ve grinded the issues, analysed the knots to death, retrekked the […]