Lean Into His Presence

hmm…. coming back to soak once again… to just soak in His presence. Allowing the Truth to seep into the dry portions… Prophetic declarations of Truth… Thank You Abba. I realise… another process You are teaching me: to declare Truth & allow Truth to cover over the lies & brokenness. Not every single healing process […]

Untimely Questions

Sometimes some questions overly dwelled upon with no answers can cause one to just keep circling. Learnt that as I walked through some stuff. Especially when it is not really time yet to address the issue. Not that it’s not there, just not ready perhaps, to face it yet. Am grateful of the intimate knowledge […]

Fun Overloading

Well, let’s Just say, I probably am having more fun these 4 months rolling than all the years add together. Or Maybe I am exaggerating it. Lol… whatever the case, someone asked me why I looked like I have a glow about me one day. I’d like to attribute to finally starting the process of […]

Restoring “Safe”

As I heard this over KLove, a question rose deep within my heart: how far does His protection extend? Safe in His arms The hands that holds the world, is holding your heart When everything is falling apart, You will be safe in His arms. I have, seen for myself, how the Almighty has watched […]