#FWF: Bracing the Storm

#FWF Prompt: Snow! That small speck of white landed on my beak, so close that I swear I could see the matrices of pattern on that tiny structure. Amazing design by the Creator of all creatures! As I perched on the edge of the wooden barrier, watching the horses gallop around their limited habitat, the […]

Thirst-day #8: Mono-tasking

Playing this mini-game on this app called Happy Street. Basically 2D town building. A single continual street. The game, called Dungeon, is when I would need to follow the patterns fed by the Dungeon. Only 4 colours, starting with the 1st colour, then a 2nd is added. Incrementally, the pattern is repeated, each time adding […]

Thirst-day #7: Basic Life

Interesting Japanese drama which I came across lately. A pretty current series released only in October-2012. About a guy who is on steady corporate career & is suddenly reduced to nothing in 1 day. Homeless, penniless, bewildered @ the charge placed on him by the company. He accepted his fate in some sense, which is […]

#FWF: Bridge that Awaits

Taking a step forward, I hesitated. Then brought my other foot forward & immediately took an about turn. Rapid march back to where I started from. 10 metres from the bridge. The bridge, was a pretty busy thorough-fare where carts of fruits had gone over, friends chatted gaily while crossing over to join other nakama, […]

Sunday Post: Peaceful

Staring at the horizon, the multi-faceted light “displays” at various angles in the sunlight, the sunsets that declares of a massively creative Mind behind each painting. Those moments alludes peace for me – to be reminded I’m being watched over by Abba who never slumbers. Pix 1: Western Singapore Sunset Pix 2: Sunrays @ Dusk, […]