31 Thirstdays #311014: Leave


Some call it coincidence, I know it as prophetic. The last day of my journey in this month of seeking healing, it has become increasingly clear. The word for me about the past, is to leave what is in the past, in the past.

I’ve grinded the issues, analysed the knots to death, retrekked the paths so many times, the grass has given way to an actual pavement of dried mud. I know what there is to know, and also come to realise that till Heaven, where everything is perfect, I will have some points along the journey where I will remember the pain, the disappointments, the rejections, the losses.

Yet, I have come to experience for myself over October, that the heart feels less pain, gradually, no matter how long. Abba, truly, made my heart all better.

So I am leaving behind the pain, the hurts, the disappointments. Laying them down, letting them slide back to the past where they belong.

That I may move forward, with a lightened load of the present, in anticipation of the future, which is looking a lot more hopeful, cos Abba has gone before me.




4 thoughts on “31 Thirstdays #311014: Leave

  1. Yes, the past is in the past, you can’t change one bit of it, and it sounds like you’ve thoroughly addressed it. Take a deep breath and move into the future with His grace and a heart full of hope!

    Tammy ~@~

  2. This is a great line…”retrekked the paths so many times, the grass has given way to an actual pavement of dried mud.”

    How many times in my own life do I hash over the same issue again and again when God says it’s time to leave it behind and move forward in my grace…it is sufficient!

    Thank you for this reminder!

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