The Wow Magnet

I’m on a journey in learning about customer service. As I went along my career, I realised that this has become somewhat of a passion & also something which intrigues me. I also notice that I seem to have come across quite a few Wow-moments by service providers – from hawkers to high-end restaurant wait-staff. […]

Sunday Post: Focused

A series of shots which is ritualistic of trips made: the local sunrise. Love watching how the Creator orchestrates all creation to perform a beautiful array of paint strokes, each day & location unique. All focused on reminding us He’s watching over us today. So I focus the camera on His focus. 😉 Here’s hot […]

Five Minute Friday: Again-Rituals

There are some rituals which I have grown to realise I need to establish & keep over the last decade or so in my life. Rituals for self-care, rituals for family-bonding, rituals for important relationships in my life, rituals with the Almighty. Two of the more popular thread that runs through my rituals have been […]

Daily Prompt: Healer

If I could, would love to have the ability to heal. Not so much the body, but more of broken hearts. Perhaps cos I’ve witnessed how so many walk around with broken hearts, and I can sometimes hear their screams for help. It’s a gift, someone once told me, to be able to discern another’s […]