Thirst-day #15: Looking Forward to Next Decade


It’s an interesting observation of my recent response in a conversation that I had with some colleagues of moving onto the mid to late 30’s. I was actually looking forward excitedly to the next decade – the 40’s. It was a surprise to them as growing older seems to be a thing that one does not exactly look forward to – especially when it comes with slowing down of speed of movement & brainwaves.

I am actually looking forward to stepping into the next decade of opportunities & possibilities in the upcoming decade. Am excited at stepping into the beginning of so much more engagement, exploration & enjoyment of my work plus life. Guess it’s also because age brings with it knowledge of what you want & a realistic management of personal expectations. I know what I want in life & love, I know what I am great at & not so cool at, I know what I can bless others with & what I have been blessed with. I definitely know what fills my tank, & boy, do I know what drains me! Most of all an insight into how the Almighty engages my heart for what He is thinking & feeling.

All of these makes up the reasons for me enjoying the moments that comes my way recently – with an insight that comes with training through the last 3 decades. I am grateful for the Almighty having brought people & places into my life. Experiences have made me who I am today – late teens to 20’s being pruning & exploring who I am, the 30’s being a deep cleansing of what has been picked up & clarification of my values & passions, as well as learning to purge & let go when it’s time to let go what has already expired. Interestingly, I found it is getting easier in letting go & throwing things out – part of the weaning out of being overly clingy to the past I reckon. Past is past. Harm done has been healed. Lessons learnt. Move on. Grow stronger. Now I am poised to engaging life in the 40’s with a thirst for life, knowledge & His hand leading me to open doors in my life.

Incidentally, today is the last day of the 6th year of my 3rd decade. Through the losses, I have multiplied my gains, deepened my understanding of the workings of the heart, as well as becoming precise in my choices of deliberately sowing into the abundant life. I choose life, as what the Almighty would offer me, with a melancholic realism, tainted with a child-like rainbowed perspective. Rainbow realism probably? Lol…

Metamorphosis is in its phase of completion – watch the butterfly spread its wings & fly!


Your turn!

Share what you are looking forward to in your next decade.

Here’s my duty this Thirst-day onwards:
1. I’ll post during the week (likely Thursday, which is what it’s named after) about a prompt / thought.
2. I invite you, if you are inspired, to share something similar / entirely different on your blog.
3. Link back using the following linked icon at the end of your post:

4. Post the link to your Thirst-day entry on the comments on my post.
5. Read the one/two/three posts before you & encourage them.
6. Have fun! No restrictions of no. of posts / words / media-type.

Thirst for life, always.



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