Daily Prompt: Kinestetiscally Speaking

Rhythm was something I enjoyed, especially high energy performances. Drums was something that really caught my eye. I was comfy at moving with rhythms, even bobbing from my seat like a truly rhythmic person when I was truly enjoying the music.

Actually playing the instrument was another thing altogether. Early on in my growing up years, I have discovered my kinestetic coordination is quite awkward. I was never too athletic, nor was I very good with instruments. Dance was disastrous for me. My sister, by the way, danced beautifully. She’s into competitive Latin & Ballroom.

Last year, had an opportunity to have a go at drums for a team-building work I was meant to be facilitating. Was very fun honestly, very intriguiging, very insightful for teams.


However, left alone to myself, I needed a lot of practice to keep time, to even move with the rhythm with the rest of the team. I would love to just be part of the “mid-layer” percussionists, the fillers per se. Base drums – to set the rhythm for the crew would be too limiting & stressful Cos I tend to not keep to the same beat. 😛 The “top-layer”, high pitch character percussions would highlight my unpracticed rhythms even more. Lol…

Conclusion: drumming for fun – Am all game for a team thing. But probably will invest more sweat & tears in exploring other “unknowns”, to keep learning & experiencing. ↖(^ω^)↗


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