Thirstday #14: Wowed Frequently


This picture is of sunset which oversees the skyline of my city. Colours were slightly enhanced, but this blending of colours at dusk or dawn has never failed to leave me breathless, and many a times, a soft, prolonged “woah…” follows my inner exclamations of “WOW!!!”

These are times when I am reminded of a greater power out there, watching over me. All my worries, troubles become nothing, compared to this Guy who watches over me. I realise these moments are also my “perk-up”, “bonus heals” moments – where I am instantly recharged, instantly freed of any shackles, as if I was limitless, boundariless, total overcomer!

I thirst to be wowed by the many breathlessly beautiful dawns & dusks I will witness through the next chapter of my life. That I may continue to see myself, from Heaven’s eyes (Jethro’s Song, Prince of Egypt).


Your turn!

Share what wows / ahhhs you!

Here’s my duty this Thirst-day onwards:
1. I’ll post during the week (likely Thursday, which is what it’s named after) about a prompt / thought.
2. I invite you, if you are inspired, to share something similar / entirely different on your blog.
3. Link back using the following linked icon at the end of your post:

4. Post the link to your Thirst-day entry on the comments on my post.
5. Read the one/two/three posts before you & encourage them.
6. Have fun! No restrictions of no. of posts / words / media-type.

Thirst for life, always.



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