The Bucket List, what most would call it. I would just list 100. Some would already have been completed, others are either in progress, or not started yet. If you ever chance upon this site, and stirred in your heart to think about helping me fulfill something on my bucket list, feel free to comment! Would love any help I can get!

1. Speak to people of influence in various parts of the world, about freeing children who are caught in the web of human trafficking and sexual slavery.

2. Travel to all major regions in the world at least once:

  • Africa (Kenya, Liberia – 2010)
  • North Americas (USA, 2010)
  • South Americas
  • Europe (Italy, France – 2004, Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, UK – 2007)
  • South East Asia (Born there!)
  • South Asia
  • Middle East Asia
  • Far East Asia (South Korea – 2011, China – 2010)
  • Central Asia

3. Start a backpackers’ inn cum eco-tourism business in Africa / South Asia / Central Asia / East Europe.

4. Purchase an apartment for rental for passive income – that I may be more freed to bless others.

5. Trek these various “hills” / mountains & take pictures of sunrise / sunsets:

  • Mount Kota Kinabalu
  • Kluang Hill (2007)
  • Blue Mountain, Victoria, Australia
  • Sapa, Northern Vietnam
  • Mount Kilamanjaro, Tanzania
  • Suggestions?

6. Take a sabbatical of 2 weeks to mark each decade – to evaluate, to savour the last decade, and to dream for the next to come.

  • 30 year old – 2006, took time to slow down to plan, over leisurely 2 weeks.
  • 40 year old – 2016 – Trip to the Greece / Sicily.
  • 50 year old – 2026 – ?

7. Bring my parents to the Chinese provinces of Chow Zhou & Mei Xian, where their ancestors were from.

8. Log at least 5 Geocaches in each Continent! =)

  • Africa
  • North Americas
  • South Americas
  • Europe
  • South East Asia (Singapore: 51, Malaysia: 2, Hong Kong: 12)
  • South Asia
  • Middle East Asia
  • Far East Asia
  • Central Asia

Profile for QaraC
9. Support Restoration Centres for Rescued Child-prostitutes.

– 2-3 years per centre: network & send teams with relevant skill-set to train / support work.

– 5 Organisations.


10. (Waiting for the Almighty to fill my imagination…)


3 thoughts on “Bucket-50

  1. I share your heart concerning human trafficking and sex slavery. To add to #9: the A21 campaign has internships in various places. I have worked with women on the street in Ukraine for a couple of years. I’d love to go to their Kiev shelter… when my ship of money comes in 🙂 Oh, and they are in Greece too!

  2. Ain’t that the truth!
    What is it you wanna know? There is so much to be said…. Feel free to send an email – that might be easier to share and get in touch! (hotchpotchblog @ gmail.com)

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