Thirstdays #66: Learn


Started on my mid-life learning journey, that back-to-school feeling is really good! Have always enjoyed learning, especially when I know it will be highly applicable quite immediately in work / life. Am thankful for being with an employer who puts emphasis on its people bettering & expanding themselves.

This sponsored course has intrigued me much, helping me see possible doors of opportunity, especially for retirement. Funny, you may think, not even 40 year-old & already planning for retirement. This is the reality of singleness & being somewhat the sole breadwinner of the household. Just made me realise with dependents, there is even more need for self-care, in order for longevity, in caring for others.

But yes, am excited at the prospects of continuing my academic endeavours. Indeed, the interactions & networking opens up my eyes to see much more practical hope for the future…



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