Restoration: Warp-speed

Am awed, seriously awed, as I walked around, recounting the doors of opportunities that has opened, as I fought hard to recover. Realisation: I REALLY can do ALL things through Him who strengthens me. Thought I’d take a full year, at least, to get to a state of clarity & letting go. Am 90% there. […]

5-Minute Friday: Opportunity

Opportunity: Prophetic, future potential, seed to be nurtured. An opportunity can come in front of us as an idea, a thought, and yes, a nudging by the Holy Spirit. A seed that is waiting for the soil to be turned & set as a protective cover, for it to continue to incubate till it grows. […]

2 Steps Backward => Forward

Oh yeah… just reminded of this game I’m playing a few months ago: Traffic Jam. Where in order to progress, we sometimes need to move backwards first, in order to be able to move forward. At the moment when I thought I’ve progressed much, I just seemed to reel back to seeming square-one. However, I […]


Silly perhaps, but maybe a way that affords me space from his news. Just “unfriended” him on fb. Was just told by a mate that he reckons I still have feelings for him & therefore prefers not even be friends. When I was 1st told, it truly reeled me backwards. Again..  over the next few […]

Spiritual Spa

Aptly named that by a fellow mate: soaking in the presence of the Almighty. Today has been a day of battle: woke up with a recovering migraine from last night, nearly decided to turn back home from work cos hit by giddy spells about 30 minutes away from work, hearing from another colleague that he […]