Spiritual Spa


Aptly named that by a fellow mate: soaking in the presence of the Almighty.

Today has been a day of battle:

  • woke up with a recovering migraine from last night,
  • nearly decided to turn back home from work cos hit by giddy spells about 30 minutes away from work,
  • hearing from another colleague that he will probably leave (following a spate of 4 resignations in the team I am part of),
  • fighting giddiness throughout day & trying to think,
  • worst of all, even up to 4pm, I was contemplating most of all, to just head straight home and not go to the spiritual spa which I have arranged to go. Simply because I didn’t want to have to “catch up” and having to announce again to another innocent by-stander, that we’re off.

Guess Abba has other thoughts. One kind colleague offered me a ride to town. At first, I was considering taking the tube & “change my mind” on enroute town, as this train takes me very close to home. Moreover, I should spend more time with Sista right? lol…. In the end, my colleague came to the lift I was taking, and I decided to just go ahead, to town, to my spiritual spa. Well… I managed to skirt the “catching up”, though we did catch up somehow, while waiting for another friend.

It was actually good – gave me a chance to share my burden for restoration of kids trafficked for prostitution. Turns out, in our conversations while walking to the spiritual spa, the new friend also has a similar burden. The 3 of us had a silent moment at the traffic lights. Divine. Period.

That has been what I have heard from the Almighty last night during my time interacting with Him in the prayer room. The time has come that my seeking Him will take another angle from now on: the restoration of everything lost in the tsunami, and the furthering of the calling He has never lifted from me.

To be a conduit of His presence, a catalyst for healing from within. For those who are hurting deep inside.

And tonight, stepping into the spiritual spa, seems to have brought me into another portal. Where I have stepped onto holy ground. It begun with dross being burnt up, final blemishes being dissipated by the blue & white flame (hottest, 4000 degrees celcius). Purifying into purer gold. Because nothing impure – including my personal confusion, pain & unreasonable anguish – can withstand the fire of the Almighty.

Then it was laughter, literally, mixed with tears. Tears of joy, with LOL (laughing out loud), literally. It was an overflowing of joy. Never had this hearty laughter & joy before – smiling with joy in worship, yes; not just laughter. I was… inundated. It was an infilling, after the clearing up of the confusion, the anguish.

What the Devil meant to do, in that pain, was to gradually have me disappear into oblivion. To not live up to what I’ve been called for. To “retire” from the influence, favour & trust that He has bestowed upon me. Especially in the Kingdom. However, it was also a realisation that the man I loved has probably become my Issac. A sacrifice I was afraid to let go.

Without this pain, this hunger will probably not reach its depth. A disaster, which the Almighty has turned for another depth of rooting in Him.

Freedom & overflowing joy, as well as being unconquerable. Because of the Almighty.

I will chew on this experience for a few days now. Stepping out from the spiritual spa, I have a deepened hunger, my eyes have widened its scope. I have seen, and I have tasted:

The Almighty is altogether good. Period. 


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