2nd Attempt @ College

Here I am, after leaving the unfinished degree for a good 15 years, now wanting to return to complete it. Finally. After all this time. Just a little hitch – I’ve lapsed past the allowable pause period of 7 years, which means I now am meant to be considered as a completely new student, with […]

Pain Barrier

The right knee has been hit by a swelling, accompanied by increasing pain in the joints, which later develops into sharp pain of the joints when I flex it. There I was, ignoring it, placing some medicated plaster on it, hoping the pain & swelling would subside after a few days. The pain stayed & […]

Thirst-day #6: Heartfelt Thankfulness

Been about 3 full months since my last entry. Just going through another bulk of transitions: good transitions really. Change of work environment, change of teams, change of operational procedures, change of perspectives of & approach to the same business. Interesting learning experience, not entirely steep, just manageable with some amounts of good stress. Today, […]