Thirst-day #6: Heartfelt Thankfulness


Been about 3 full months since my last entry. Just going through another bulk of transitions: good transitions really. Change of work environment, change of teams, change of operational procedures, change of perspectives of & approach to the same business. Interesting learning experience, not entirely steep, just manageable with some amounts of good stress.

Today, in this part of the World, it’s Thanksgiving on the American calendar. In my city, the booze & cheers are still about a month away – long rest from Christmas to welcoming the New Year. Nonetheless, it is a good day for me to be reminded to be thankful.

Was prompted by the Divine Spirit to look at the Chinese word for gratefulness:

Essentially this word means “heartfelt thanks”. Where something has been done for you that it touched your heart (感动), resulting in thankfulness that rises from the depths of your soul.

Self-checked: More thankful than before, but still needing to feel the thanks from the heart. At times, “Thanks” is mumbled, rather than sincerely said, more business-based politeness.

Of late, am much more aware of the reality of maturing to the next decade of my life – health changes, mentality changes, energy level changes, life-focuses, issues of significance, issues of making my life count. Perhaps, another layer which the Almighty is uncovering. Will broil on it on another blog entry, perhaps.

In any case, hope to remain grateful for every day I am alive. Grateful for where the Almighty has placed me, to step into gaps where His love is missing. Never losing sight of how much He has brought me through thus far in the adventure of this life.


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