A song that kept swirling in my mind. And when I had that played on “repeat-1-track” mode, tears kept falling. I know it’s the Almighty’s way of helping me let go of my heart to Him. I am caught again… in my heart. The pain is surfacing once again. Not as intense but there, […]

Dysfunctional Pair

My trusty walking shoes, which has walked me throughout my stint in the neighbouring city, many walks with him, nature walks with friends, walks through the various cities the Almighty has brought me. It has given way earlier this year. It’s just that I was hoping to bring it for repairs, to restore it because […]


These last 5 working days have been massively stressful yet invigorating. Having received good reviews and some rewards for my hard work has been satisfying for hard work put in to be a good team-player and also seeing a possible promotion in the pipeline in the near future. And of course, intensive hanging-out with family […]


That’s what struck me about my views of marriage when I sneakily took a picture of my parents holding hands, while strolling through the mall. They have been through multiple clashes, quarrelled upteemth times, as far as I can recall. 35 years & counting. I’ve never seen my mum leave home, nor my Dad walk […]


Yeah… something struck a chord in me when I listened to Susan Cain share about introverts and how to allow them to maximise their potential and talents. I work with many introverts, thinkers, nerds, “the boring” people, whatever we may tag them with, they are books worthy of reading and re-reading. Personally as an introvert, […]


Katapausis (Greek) Phonetic: kat-sp’-ow-sis Defn:  putting to rest, resting place. It has been a week requiring quite a fair bit of persevering. I was hit with an unknown hit of a virus – completely caught off guard & had chills, followed by violent coughing. Due to work project responsibilities, had to push through mid-week,  coughing […]