Five Minute Friday: Again-Rituals

There are some rituals which I have grown to realise I need to establish & keep over the last decade or so in my life. Rituals for self-care, rituals for family-bonding, rituals for important relationships in my life, rituals with the Almighty.

Two of the more popular thread that runs through my rituals have been food & trips. It might be an Asian thing, but we bond like crazy over food. I’ll hang out with friends on a regular basis, seeking out new joints offering some new & adventurous dish, or some spots touted to offer the best-tasting familiar dish around my city.

Trips are great for bonding, but I also realise requires certain tender management of expectations, in order not to come back as bitter foes. However, with proper expectations, the extended time away from the usual routines & discovering new stuff & places & cultures together can prove to be a refreshing shared experiences.

Yeah… I reckon, the rituals I repeat over & over again with people seems to build in the shared experiences which will be talked over again & again, even years later. Incidentally, my Dad is still talking about the ribs we ate in Dallas in our trip 2 years ago…




4 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Again-Rituals

  1. Yes, it is the ritual of life, the again, that bond us together. I love this. I love eating with friends and connecting over food. I don’t do it enough…

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