5-Minute Friday: Join

Just a few weeks ago, I have been offered my 2nd job in a year. It’s been interesting because it has been my 2nd step of faith in testing out something which I believe I’ve heard – to step out in faith & see Abba’s providence. I remembered sharing with a friend a week after I have “burnt the bridge” with my current job: it’s either a step of faith or folly.

When the offer came, contract of employment signed, I looked back & saw how the Almighty has already connected the dots for me. I could never have imagined a favour for a friend has turned out to be a blessing in return after nearly a year. Sow => Reap.

In stepping out into the unknown, another lesson for me to learn in planning my solo trip to a city. Not that I’ve never travelled solo before. Done it umpteenth times during my time involved in missions. This is quite different – no fixed itinerary. It’s only filling up these last 5 days just before my flight out to the city. Never done it this way before. Have always done it with a mapped out schedule, usually tight, with a fair amount of fun as well. This time round, I have a very large overview of what I’d like to do, but the nitty-gritties is only filling up as I’m connected with people in the city through various friends.

I’m excited, in meeting new people, in seeing things from new perspectives. Will ensure a fair amount of contemplation of what I will gather in my journey, that I may savour in Abba’s goodness in years to come. I have a stirring in my heart that it’ll be a journey fit for another memorial stone in my life, another celebration of directions & leading by the Almighty. A stepping stone, to the next phase of this season in my life.

Here’s where I see the Almighty connecting the dots, joining hearts for His purposes, for seasons in our lives.

You will show me the path of life;

In Your presence is fullness of joy;

At Your right hand are pleasures forevermore. 

– Psalm 16:11



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