5-Minute Friday: Beyond


Watching a programme on the various support crews of the 2012 London Olympics, there was an interesting segment introducing 4D videography. 3-dimensional + time-dimension. One could watch a replay of sports action & enjoy critical moments of a goal, a flip, a smash.

Reminds me of how my Abba is limitless – omni-present+scient+potent. Beyond all power, time & knowledge dimensions. He is beyond my circumstances, my worries, my concerns, my plans.

By right, it should be relatively easy to just rest fully on such a trustworthy Abba. No brainer. Let’s have a look:

* Family experiencing joy & love of Abba
* Healing of small ailments
* Transformation of hearts
* Leading to right decisions

A thing about having 4-d faith is that we will be brought back in time at certain points, where necessary. Main objective is never to condemn, but to illuminate & heal. Yet in this time factor of my faith in Abba, there is also this hope for a cool future too – cos He promised so. 🙂

It’s not a fictitious, fairytale type of trust. It’s a firm trust for past to be healed, present to be savoured upon, future to be hoped for.

For I know the plans I have for you, not to harm you, but to give you a hope for the future. – Jeremiah 29:11


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