Thirst-Day #3: Helicopter View


This pix has been going around & there is a message embedded somewhat in the literally gibberish text. Was told that if I am able to see the message, it would mean I have a strong mind. So I embarked on trying to find some pattern of codes to the gibberish, to decode it, to prove to myself that I do have a strong mind.

As I stared at the “code”, I pulled myself back a little further to take in the entire picture. Within seconds, the message is clear as day! Lol…

Pulling myself back from the situation. Looking at things from a larger perspective. Been able to do that mostly, AFTER the situation, rather than during the situation.

Improving though. In the past, totally unable to pause & pull back. Was always lost in the myriad of confusing details, taking in the full brunt of situations. Totally unable to see the grand scheme of things.

Glad to say that am able to do that in more situations in recent years. Still wanting to remind self to pull back up, to appreciate the macro view, the bird’s-eye view per se, of struggles, setbacks, challenges.

Key is to learn from it, to sift out another nugget of truth, to surface another aspect of self that I may not have already realised about myself. That I may become more in tune with the Divine Spirit, with what He wants to work within me, that I may be blessed to bless.


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