Thirst-Day #2: Giving Love Away


These days am recognising a desire in my heart to give love away, specifically to a family of my own. Love kids. Full stop.

There is much hope involved in kids. Risks of course. I would still want to give away love regardless, because it is how the Almighty made me to be. I find much satisfaction in dishing out affection, focusing on taking care of another’s need.

Checked the recent version of my heart & realise that I am not afraid to give my heart again. Well.. a condition being there’s commitment involved for the long run, to work things through. I know it is meant to be this way.

Saw the excitement of watching a little one grow up, take on specific personalities, pick up various toys which may become interests. Seeing them learn the ways of life, probably stumble here & there, but eventually learn to walk steadily.

My thirst, giving up to U, Abba. I still look forward to my own flesh & blood, growing up in Your ways.


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