Sunday Post: Solid


Hand of my Grandma, during the last months of her fight with cancer. This Sunday post is especially poignant, because it is a tribute to my Granny, or Popo (婆婆), who has passed away this weekend. 15.07.12.

I have always never cease to be amazed at how she can raise 4 kids, singlehandedly. My Grandpa passed when she was around 30 years old. She never re-married. Just kept to her responsibility to the kids & ensure she gave them what she could with the meagre amounts she’s earning as a domestic helper in homes of European employers living in our side of the Globe. Solid hands.

My earliest childhood recollection of her was that of following her to huge mansions, where she kept spick & span for her employers. Perhaps that gave me my early exposure to cross-cultural interactions, and my ability to be totally at ease with people of different cultures. Solid resolve.

One thing she definitely ingrained in me is that of dedication. Ensure we take care of our family, watch out for them & always forgive as much as you know how to. That to me, is solid foundation from the matriach of my family. Solid hands, solid resolve to do what she knows to give us the best.

Thanks, Popo, for your devotion to ensuring we grew up as best as you knew how to. I’ll miss your yam-discs, your yummy porridge, fried chicken bites. Thank you for the life-lessons that you’ve imparted to me through verbal instructions or the way you lived & related with others.

I will see you in Heaven, and laugh about life with you, amongst the angels & in the clouds. 🙂

True to my ruminating heart, there will be more blogs to come when I am led to access another portion of memory with my Grandma.




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