Italia 2014 #4: Savour

As I somewhat meld into the pace of life, somewhat starting to mimic the pace of the locals where I’ve passed, I realised what Rinaldo (host at Gaeta) was saying in a deeper meaning.


Interesting to have met a German couple in their 20’s, mature & well-mannered & open to discover cultures & mingle. We hung out over dinner when I first arrived in Gaeta, since I proved to be not the difficult Asian prude whom they were expecting when they heard about me coming.

Rinaldo said when he first accepted my reservation, he was wondering ” what to do with me”. As in how to relate, host me, I guess. He was still careful in showing his toys with sexual innuendoes even at dinner on 2nd night. I guess, there is a real cultural concern in some sense. I hope he has changed his initial plan to host me as the first & last Asian guest. I proved to be more European / Italian than he expected of course.

“Live to eat, not eat to live.”

Something which I’ve been exposed to, live by mostly. But it was a completely new thing to the Germans, who rushed through their meals, not having much dinner conversations. Over dinner, we charged, laughed, retorted various views put on the table. Drank wine, sparred ideas, crossing cultures & learning new perspectives. Didn’t talk about people, but views, politics, financial systems, policies & government. How I miss these conversations really, the depth & width of these chats just leave me stirred to challenge my views & way of life sometimes. But it invigorates me: deep & wide conversations. Parties are fun, laughter & lewd jokes I’m all for on ocassions, but that somehow leaves me tired. But these intriguing conversations just leave my mind churning, ruminating.

Very few such conversations so far where I am. Which is why I savour whenever I come across such a person / ocassion.

Rinaldo said something which kinda got stuck: Italians live to eat, slowly we enjoy, including sex, sport, fishing, sailing.

Slowly, we enjoy. Savour. Not the speed of the activity per se, but the real tasting of the activity one is engaged in.


savour (ˈseɪvə) or savor
6. (often foll by: of) to possess the taste or smell (of)
7. (often foll by: of) to have a suggestion (of)
8. (Cookery) (tr) to give a taste to; season
9. (tr) to taste or smell, esp appreciatively
10. (tr) to relish or enjoy

I like definition #10: to relish. Tasting, enjoying every bit of texture, depth, different senses involved.

I hope to hone my ability to savour what life has to offer, that I might become a connoisseur of experiences, people, food, encounters.

Ah yes, it resonates well with the experience-addict in me. ^^


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