Italia 2014 #2: Day 1 Navigate

Navigating has been a bit of a learning curve for me, especially in diligent research before embarking on a journey. Seems to be a trait in me, somewhat even in my own life.

Explorers have spoken about the Orion & the shadow casted being great tools for navigating without the compass. True North seems a popular concept as well.

In speaking of navigating through life, I realise the need to have anchors for various aspects, not just 1 True North. Have learnt over pass few days in Rome, reconfirming the directions given, saves me a lot of heartaches & feet-aches from walking the unnecessary miles.

Yet, it’s sometimes those unnecessary miles that rewards us the most. Or maybe, prepares us to appreciate the reward at the end.


This is the reward of being lost: a new discovery, a unexpected surprise. The picture above is from a discovered lookout point in the Quattro Venti neighbourhood, where I was staying in. Stayed there for a good 15 minutes; would have stayed longer if not for the cold breeze at a high point, caressing my hair, as if to comfort my tired soul.



And so am learning to ascertain & trust my gut instincts. So that more surprises can be discovered along the way, as I plod through those wandering miles.


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