Italia 2014 #5: One Morsel @ a Time


Today, finally had the chance to taste what is known as coniglio, a specialty in Ischia. Rabbit actually. Had to pre-order from a restaurant near my BnB & had it ordered for lunch on my final afternoon in Ischia before catching ferry back to Naples.

My description after 1st bites:
New fave meat: tender, juicy, broiled in a mix of cherry tomatoes, herbs, pepperocino – slightly tangy sweet yet not overpowering the fragrance of the game. Yums max!

I was then served a full plate of fat fries (smaller than wedges but thicker than thin fries) & I caught myself reaching for a piece of the hot-off-the-pan fries.

The coniglio morsel in my mouth tastes too good to be mixed with anything else!

So, following that, it became somewhat of an axiom for the rest of the lunch: one morsel at a time, nothing to be added until it is chewed well & swallowed.

Thoroughly enjoyed the entire quarter of a rabbit, as well as the fries & the spritzer which came with it. It just occured to me that I’ve been mixing food so much that I am not exactly tasting the dish set before me properly. Think cos as Asians, we tend to have a few dishes in front of us when we have a meal, hardly just 1 dish, especially at family dinners. The propensity then to stuff myself seems to be higher.

I will, therefore, taste & enjoy food, one morsel at a time, sip wine & let it sit on my tongue for a bit before swallowing, chew the bits to taste the juices / spices, before I succumb it to the gastric juices.

No rush anyway. Savour.




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