Thirstday #48: Dreams


This ring has been “lost” since a few moons ago. Or at least, I lost sight of it, thinking that I’ve dropped it somehow, during a bumpy ride on my bike. Was rather disappointed that I lost it, cos I really like the simplicity of the single large angular stone, surrounded by small bits of bling. Perfect for my expressions of my desire for life – simple, edgy, honest.

Tonight, I was actually looking for my Adonit stylus for which I’ve finally gotten the replacement discs. Was a little frazzled cos it was not at the place where I last remembered it to be. Bummed, I literally poured out contents of my bike pannier to look. Not there.

Unfazed, I was determined to find it. So dug deeper. But as I dug further, I touched a familiar angular object – pulled it out & there it was looking back gratefully, I think, at me… And me incredulously excited cos it’s always been there! I’ve been riding around with it, ALL THIS TIME!

3am this morning, woke from sleep & while trying to get back to sleep, flipped around Facebook a tad & came across this post about Sir Anthony Hopkins who composed a waltz 50 years ago – And the Waltz Goes On. Amazing that at 73 yo, he finally saw the dream of his youth fulfilled.

Down to the core, I’ve been created to dream. Dream of a better life for the downtrodden, joy for those who mourn, freedom for the oppressed, love for the abandoned. I know this Dreamer in me is being called out by the Almighty. The calling, the dreams planted has never left me, I know. They’ve never been withdrawn by the Almighty.

They have been around – all this time.

I will dream, and act, when opportunities present themselves. Carpe diem when the time is ripe. Allow myself to be a channel of love & peace, when inspired. However, I will hold to my own take of life, of boundaries, of relationships, of perspectives.

I will stand poised, for the vacuum I’m presented with, to fill, whenever the Almighty calls. But my life, will belong to me. No more of the reckless abandonement.


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