Still Saturday: Resting

Verb + ing: Present continuous tense.
– Currently going on as we speak.

Rest: relaxed, unhurried, paced, meditative, sensing, deep breathing.

A continuous state I reckon, being at rest. Not just a moment in time, but to be restful in heart. The heart being the wellspring of all things.

I noticed that when my heart is at rest, am more inclined to hearing the Almighty speaking. My heart is like the still waters, able to mark out easily any ripples flowing over the surface. Cos I noticed that as I am at rest, I am breathing deeply.


In breathing physically, I take in oxygen. Shallow breaths only affords some oxygen while deep breaths draws more oxygen into my bloodstream, brain & heart. More oxygen, clearer mind, calmer heart. Very basic, keeps my entire body system functioning more optimally, yet easily prioritised over by other pressing needs.

In slowing down my pace deliberately, I start taking deep breaths into my heart. In order for my heart (wellspring of life – decisions, convictions, dreams) to function optimally, I need to breathe & allow “oxygen” to circulate.

Oxygen = inspirations, songs, words, broiling ideas, work-in-progress, reminders of His extravagant love for me, reminders to extend this love experienced in Him, tough choices.

Yeap. Promptings of the Holy Spirit which comes as a soft whisper. Definitely firm. Definitely requiring our attention. Whispers of tough choices to make – which will be easily drowned by the myriad of rights, reasonings & rantings that comes from an un-rested heart.

Sure enough. Abba allows me my moments to vent, to rant. Once that is over & done with, when the snow globe in me has settled to a calm, He chides gently, persuades firmly, cajoules humorously. Ball is now in my court: to respond & make things right in my heart. Alternatively, to continue further down the road of stubbornness.

Forgiveness. No 2 ways about it.

Sure, whatever offences is inexcusable. The ball is in my court: Forgive… or not.


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