#FWF: Secured


She looks curiously, yet cautiously staying away from the side where the 2-legged creature works furiously at the metal bars. This creature looked like the other version of the ones who set up the enclosure. The enclosure which has been a sort of a “safe” place for quite a few moons passed… Or has it been more than a few rounds of 12-moons?

In any case, while the 2-legged creature cut through the first 2 metal bars with instrument with intense fire seems to come from, Kira suddenly realises what this creature was doing. It was burning away the metal bars which kept Kira safe for the longest time. The metal bars of safety, of refuge, of food in a container which comes at every sunrise & sunset. Sometimes the meat tasted weird & Kira would find herself in a new place after she awkens from deep slumber. It must have been the meat.

With a soft thud, a piece of several metal bars fell to the ground. The 2-legged creature seemed elated. Kira remembers seeing that tilt her feeders do with their mouths & let out some sort of noises which sometimes made them roll on the floor. It seems comtagious – one starts & soon the rest of the 2-legged creatures follows. The sense is familiar: happiness, which Kira remembers faintly from her days with others of her kind… Those were the days, before she mysteriously became alone, after feeling a sharp pain & then slept for a long time…

Nonetheless, this creature seems to do something with her other 2 legs – some sort of beckoning Kira to go to it. More food maybe, or a little run-about within the compound.

Kira strutted curiously forward, towards the 2-legged creature. Then strutted out onto the grassy open space. She stood beside her home for what seems many clouds passing. The 2-legged creature, she noticed kept a distance away now, seemingly looking at Kira now through this instrument with glass in the front. Click. Click. Click. Click.

Then the creature raised her front paw, did a side-to-side gesture, and then turned & ran off. Weird.

Kira looked curiously behind her, and considered her home, her security, her source of food… Yet there is this instinctive urge to run free in the huge land in front of her. She seemed to faintly remember the river in front of her… Didn’t her babies drink from the side of the flowing waters before? Why does it seem so vague?

Kira moved curiously towards the water edge, lapped some water. Familiarly sweet. Then she swam across to the other side. Stood looking back on the metal home.

Memories of her babies, her mate, her clan came flooding back. She remembers now. Her free roaming, her hunting expeditions, her nursing her babies with other mothers in her clan. She misses her Pomaw – who stole her heart while they were hunting together.

Kira recognises her life – which is meant to be free in the open, not within the albeit secured cage.

© CuoreQ


2 thoughts on “#FWF: Secured

  1. Thank you for writing for FWF! This leaves me feeling like there is more to the story, a second chapter perhaps? Would make for a wonderful short =) Hope to have you write again next week!

    • Thx heaps, Kellie! 🙂 Pretty inspiring to stare at the picture! Will see if I can cont with a sequel when another prompt inspires me. 🙂

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