Untagging the Heart

Someone once shared with me that being in a relationship – be it marriage or courtship – is like 2 pieces of paper being glued together.

Ceteras parabus, the pieces of paper remains glued together & intact. When things go awry, and hearts need to part, bits of each heart stays with the other.. Juz as the pieces of paper have portions torn off when an attempt is made to separate the 2.

I untagged myself from photos posted by others of the 2 of us. But does the act of untagging photos equals to untagging of the heart? Symbolically, it seems to do the job fine.

My mind has decided, after a few days in the sun & booze, that it’s time for me to let go of the past, including the “could’ve-beens” with him. However, the heart, seems to be taking a longer walk towards becoming in sync with the mind.

I guess it’s true, when someone says it’s not the goodbye that hurts, but the random memories that are accessed over the grieving period. It has been a journey of grieving a series of losses because of the other heart giving up on the fight.

Denial -> Sadness -> Anger -> Acceptance -> Letting Go



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