Sunday Post: Village

A very fresh experience just off the weekend: Drum Circle. I have heard this in passing when one of my friend’s Dad was involved in one of the community clubs in our city. I have always been very intrigued by rhythms. Every drum beat seems to resonate a thump of my heart. I seem to draw a lot of energy from the rhythms. Eg. The performance of Stomp has always left me quite buzzed!


Then this week, work actually brought me to an opportunity to be initiated, DEEPLY, into the rhythms. As I leart from the Master, Arthur Hull, I realise another passion has been uncovered!

We came together, strangers. Through drumming together, at 1st a motley crew of bashing of the drums. We actually learnt to blend togther, by listening to one another. Just within a span of 6 hours.

In listening to one another, the start of a village is birthed, with a common goal: to make rhythms of the heart. 🙂



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