31 Thirstdays #231014: Re-circuiting (1)


Was cutting some materials in preparation for training & noticed how I was using a lot of strength to push the blade into the paper. Was ensuring I would have a clean cut, instead of having to “cut over” a 2nd time.

Then it suddenly occured to me that I could try just lightly sliding the blade over, instead of applying so much strength. The results might be what I want as well: seeing the material cut out perfectly.

So releasing my grip, I held the blade firmly but only applying gentle force (oxymoron?! Lol…), the blade slided along the cut lines. And voila! The material came out as what I would like it to!

Started me thinking perhaps I have been taking life a little too intensely many a times. I have learnt, thru many situations, that it’ll be so much better for my sanity to just let go & take it easy. I have evolved, never a control freak, but learnt to not take things so hard. More to learn I guess, but yes, think I need to have a lighter take of life at large.

Perhaps, to learn to let go, and let God, more.




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