31 Thirstdays #201014: Garbaging


Am on task to slowly clear out my room, throwing away stuff that have been stored for eons & not been in use. Part of challenging myself to minimise my life to a suitcase or two if possible. Maybe also cos I would like to be able to move around easily if possible, in future.

I realise that even garbaging stuff also has its set of required skill. For me, I learnt speed of decision, quick qualifying questions (useful? using within next week? spoilt? expired? Anyone else can benefit from having it?), chucking into the rubbish bag, and most important step of all:

do not take a second look. 

Made me wonder about my past issues which I thought I’ve left well behind. I wonder if I am an emotional-hypochondriac: screaming in pain & reacting to every pain that comes into my heart & soul. Over-sensitivity to issues? Hanging on to those issues, as if they have formed part of my identity.

Sure, those experiences & traumas have formed me, as a person, so far. They have built strength & much wisdom, as well as a fair amount of cynicism. Some amount is healthuly, keeps us in check. A larger than manageble dose makes one sink into hopelessness.

I wondered about throwing away my past issues, as per throwing away my unwanted stuff. Can I just chuck them in the bin, and not take a 2nd look at them? Till it’s necessary or needful?

Or maybe, never needed?



31 Thirstdays


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