31 Thirstdays #031014: Moment-Wisdom

There is a specific lesson which I have been schooled over the past year: that of trusting that solutions will come at that moment, when the curveball comes around. Over the year, perhaps also maturing as a single woman who has to support the family, while balancing personal dreams, I have learnt to take a deep breath (or a few when it gets really hard), then look at the issue objectively & focus on the solutions, rather than the problem. Not bad for growth really. I realise that yes, it is important to plan for the future, but many a times, life does not turn out exactly as planned. I have learnt over time, to take a “tackle each issue when it actually presents itself”, rather than wasting time in the current, churning at a storm which may not even occur, except in my over-active imagination.

Sure… Life is never all a bed of roses, but I realise, I have survived well, and getting better at thriving. When there is an opportunity & resources available, albeit not in the most ideal state, I’ll take it, and resolve issues along the way. Perhaps it is the way of the Almighty, in His schooling of the Israelites in the daily Manna provided. It is for sure, a way for me to chillax & accept His providence along the way, sometimes in a massively miraculous manner, sometimes, just enough to tide me through the day. But whatever it is, I have had enough for the day, no more nor less than what is needed.

One day at a time. I’ll get there. One issue at a time. I’ll thrive.

31 Thirstdays


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