5-minute Friday: Holding Space


Life is filled with mini-projects… You sometimes have to go back to the drawing board.

That’s probably how I feel about this season of life. After a few trial & errors, I seem to still not be able to quite get the drift of the wind of success. What I realise, being in late-30s, I’ve begun to look at things with less “holding-on” & more “letting-go”. Taking things a lot less seriously, but also discovering that I prefer to relate sincerely, without having to play games, without having to manipulate to get my way. Perhaps, it’s wise to set up the environment to build towards good responses, but not to treat others selfishly, or in the process cause collateral damage.

So… Am back to the drawing board, holding back my hopes, just letting my heart clear up first, before, perhaps, getting back to the arena. Feels like a battle really. In this holding place, I’d find what is important again, amidst the loss / disappointments.

The only comforts possibly: I have no doubt about my worth, and that God has been holding onto me, I think, and will be holding onto me for a long time to come.



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