5-minute Friday: Whisper

A soft, nearly inaudible set of words floating around in my heart lately. It’s there, it’s nearly undetectable, nearly indistinguishable from the other noises, but it’s there. Words that promises strength, words that promises love, words that were unrecognisable when the rest of the voices & noises drowned this soft, gentle, though firm & insistent one.

It is as if a drop onto a calm surface, causing ripples, only when I am intent to listen, will I be able to hear. The ripples upon the waters of my life will send waves of love & rains of joy, to water the seeds of faith germinating in my spirit.

At times when the noises get too much, I just stop, breathe & allow Him to remind me once again, to drum the Spirit’s whispers into my spirit, that my heart may be strengthened, and my faith steeled, to continue trusting, in spite of zero signs of the coming promise.

“… Lord, I believe! (Constantly) help my weakness of faith!” Mark 9:24′ AMP





2 thoughts on “5-minute Friday: Whisper

  1. This is absolutely beautiful and so elequolently written. Stopping in from FMF and I’m so glad I did. Thank you for describing the feeling I so often have too. The constant whispers of the Holy Spirit are a blessing like no other. Have a truly blessed day today and stop to listen to those whispers!

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