Five-minute Friday: Reach

This past 2 weeks have been kinda a lucid whirl of events & experiences. Had an accident, or rather the accident found me – car side-rammed into me while I was cycling on the main road. Flew a good 1.5 metres from my bicycle, but survived without any broken limbs, only some scratches & a minor fracture on my lower lumbar. More details if you’d like, on my 2 previous posts.

There is a specific gift that a prophetic friend has shared with me, with much faith, that will come on my way within the next 2 weeks. Gift because I’ve been praying, waiting, seemingly gotten it, then lost, then lost faith, then found the courage to trust again. In the past, this faint whisper was always in my head: I needed to do something, to live according to certain rules, in order to “get” the gift. Ie. Needing to ensure I reach the standards required to receive the gift properly.

In the wake of the accident, other than being entirely grateful that I’ve not caused my family too much resultant grief, I had time to recognise the state of my heart as of current. There’s a divine peace, of letting go to the Almighty, of the Loving Papa, who definitely desires the bestest for my life. My body is so fragile, could have not survived the ordeal, but I am recovering, which is a miracle in itself.


With regards to this gift prepared for me, I’ve learnt that nothing is required of me, except to let go & trust. Papa’s hand will reach far & wide to pull together the gift for me. When the gift is presented, not fought for by yours truly, it will all make sense, everything that has built me to this day.

There is no need for me to “reach”. Instead, Papa’s hand is reaching out to me.



4 thoughts on “Five-minute Friday: Reach

  1. I love how you used the Sistine Chapel painting as your illustration! Oddly, it fits. 🙂 You know, I think you’ve hit on some real truth in this post. It’s all his gift, not our effort. It makes me think of John 15:5.
    -Cherise, your neighbor this week at the #FMFparty linkup.

    • Thanks Cherise! It’s always been a reminder how eager God is (erect finger) in reaching out to us (filmsy, uncertain, bent finger). ^^ glad u liked it

  2. Amen! Love this post. Indeed, our Father in heaven knows what we need most. The best gift He has already given us is He himself. He is the only one who walks through the ups and downs in life with us and still carrying us through. Just reminded me the famous poem, “The footprint”.

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