Thirstday #60: Magnifier

This past week has been another drama, to a certain degree, in this chapter of my existence. Met with an accident – bicycle vs car – which left me highly awed by God’s protection, as well as a more in-depth perspective of stoicism, family & life seasons.

Having been CRIB-ed for a good 5-days, with an initial 2 days of spinal nursing, I had a peek at what old age would probably entail. The accident left me with an L2 Compression Fracture, though minor, but can render me in worse situation if not healed properly. Am not concerned about my spine bone fusing & healing. But it’s the daily life which may be affected. How about future joys-of-being-human?! Lol…

Ok.. Back to the spinal nursing. Was required to lie flat on my back to ensure I didn’t aggrevate the fracture any further. I am not allowed to get up & sit, nor get off the bed of course, which means I pretty much needed assistance for pretty much everything, including the regular bowel movements. My first experience was nothing short of failure to pee & needing to hold it in a little longer till I felt the urge to “go”.

Was told I needed to pee in bed, into a bed pan. This bed pan is essentially placed under my bum, positioned as such that pee flows safely into the pan, saving the bed. Even placing the bed pan under my bum required much endurance of pain, while I lifted my bum. And the laying down flat does not really help the pee to flow freely. A couple of hours later, I finally felt the urge, pressed the call-button, and requested shyly for the bed pan.

Initial contact with the bed pan was somewhat a shy attempt, cos was pretty much half-naked in front of a stranger. But well, 2nd time round, I was objectively focused on nature’s call & concentrated on easing the excess fluids out of my body. And this time round, and probably for the first time in my life, I was totally grateful to be able to actually pee. Simple thing, taken for granted, until it’s taken away from us.

** To be cont’d in next blog…



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