Something I’ve written for a dear friend, mentor, soundboard. For the 13 months   I’ve had the privilege of interacting with him, I have grown as an individual, learnt to walk away from reeling over from being stuck, to taking life at its horns.

Guess we’ll have lots to catch up on in Heaven. Till then, I know you’ll be there in the tailwinds when I ride. Happy Hatchday, celebrate well in Heaven. Peace out.


Eulogy for Art
Updated: 170614

Arthur has always been a wordsmith, witty chatters are never far from his comments on various posts. Mediator & protector of the underdogs – we’ve seen his fair share of rooting for people & standing up for the weaker ones. In many occasions, his comments have diffused arguments, “semi-bullying”, by reminding us the need to respect perspectives different from ours.

Respect he has, no matter who it may be. Treats people he met with much respect as he relates with them, listening intently to what they have to contribute to the conversation, before putting in his 2-cents gently.

Arthur has been pretty much a big brother in my life. I was trying to heal from some tough situations in my life when we first rode together. As we spoke about life, he offered a variety of perspectives, but always left me to decide my eventual take. I’m always very amazed at his knowledge of nearly everything & his sharpened wisdom. He will pull out a nugget of trivia to distract me when I was going through a tough time, or a morsel of comforting wisdom when I was figuring my direction. He reminded me that his wisdom has been sharpened through talking to people, observing & learning & bouncing back from experiences. He is not done learning yet.

He constantly reminds me not to wait for life to happen, but to actively pave my way where I was going. My solo Italy ride was something we chatted about, inspired by Arthur. During the trip, he was pretty much my home-base intel cum support unit: checking in on me every meal, whenever he can, allowing me to bounce ideas & next steps with him, laughing with me over the tougher legs of the ride. Foodie as he always has been, I sought out some delish dishes that he suggested, learnt to savour the local delicacies, enjoyed the finer bits of Italian cuisine.

I am thankful, Arthur, for you, always, for letting me vent, showing me sensitive patience, reining me in when I got crazy, nudging me into a widened & wiser perspective of life.

We’re still using the present tense currently, in referring to him. Because we know he is still here with us, in our thoughts, in the places we discovered with him, and certainly in our hearts.


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