5-minute Friday: Release



Listening while writing: You are for Me – Kari Jobe


5-minutes, not sufficient to scratch the surface of the miracle, that of turning a heart of stone into a heart of flesh. Mine. Within 1 week flat. Let’s just say in my search over the past year, for another direction, for another way of life, for an exploration of the unknown, have added some elements which have added a permanent complexity in my life. Perhaps.

The release is that of lifting of the veil over my eyes, ears, mind & heart. Delved into a rather dark zone which I’m not proud of & perhaps, nearly destroyed myself, had it not been for the watching over of my Abba, whom i know has been fighting for my straying heart. I told Abba earlier last week that I would head to a seminar to listen once more about the Father Heart. And perhaps, if not moved, I will seek something else, another philosophy of truth, another way of life. Because I found it hard to trust again, a God whom I thought has not intervened in my toughest moments. What was in front of me, was a lot more tangible.

An uncanny¬†connection of the dots, amidst a highly complex web of events, totally freed me, from what could have been years of heartache, regrets & perhaps massive insecurity of my worth as a person. As I worshipped first time, in 12 months, last night, the love of Abba is absolutely invading my heart, wrapping around me to assure me that all’s good, kiddo. Here begins the new chapter. Clarity, lifted heart, peace, totally accepted. Clean slate. This is the forgiveness of God, and total release from the past. This sense of guilt, shame, fear is practically non-existent now, gone, poof, dissipated.

Emancipated. Renewed. Restoration in progress.


5 minute friday




4 thoughts on “5-minute Friday: Release

  1. My heart goes out to you from just this tiny fragment of story. God, so loving and active, does some works of healing little by little and some in an instant, like the clicking of his fingers. All are beautiful. I have come to you via Lisa Jo Baker and loved reading your post x

  2. Simply beautiful. I love what God is doing in you, and for you. I love how He uses all of our stuff for Him, and these words reach deep. Thank you for sharing your heart! Blessings to you!

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