Thirstday #57: Kintsukuroi


Something which resonates everytime I see it in my Facebook newsfeed. Broken pieces which repaired with a precious metal – gold. And in effect, became more beautiful because it has been broken, more alluring than its original state.

Other than God, whom I’ve known making broken things beautiful, any other takers? Lol… Found myself not even able to utter thanks to God yesterday when I received news of being accepted, into Uni, with a full year advance standing. Am thankful, for the opportunity, but I am not keen to give thanks where I do not see the evidence of His working. It was not a fair exchange, still, cent-to-cent, for the years & resources I’ve put into the Kingdom. For the brokenness I went through & now have to heal from, to even have a semblence of normalcy & be accepted in social circles.

The world is harsh, and somewhat unable to handle the depth of what goes on. Beauty currently, but “save us the gruesome details of how you got to be beautiful”. Perhaps, compared to the extremes, what I’ve gone through is considered nothing. Learning not to despise different experiences, or depth, cos we each have our loads to carry, according to our portions in life.

There’s still some ghosts I need to starve to death, that I may seek a rebirth of what is meant to be. Then again, what is the definition I’m going by? By whose standards of what is good?

Blank page.

Seeking – the gold by which the broken pieces will be mended.


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