#FWF: First Kiss


As Kaley stood there, tiptoed, wrapping her arms around his neck, she tasted the aftermath of a ciggy in his mouth, as well as the salmon he’s had earlier. She felt his probing tongue making its way to meet her shy one, gently at first, then more fiercely, hungrily…

As a little girl, she’s seen countless movies on TV & always felt a nice tingle when she saw couples engaged in kisses, especially the passionate, somewhat slobbery ones. She feels a little light-headed sometimes, after observing their lips interact, and when the camera went in for a close-up shot from the side, she could see their tony tongue doing a dance, and sometimes seemingly interlocking… What a yummy thing to do cos it made her feel so good, she was fantasizing her first. It must be with some flowers in the background, soft music,  petals floating with the gusts, where her dress follows where the wind is going as well… And her man will plant a soft gentle smooch, then progress into strong & hungry & territorial.

As she explored his lips with less inhibition, she liked this sense of belonging to someone, being spoken for. Coming with her kiss was a longing for being someone’s cherished treasure. This is not someone she knew entirely well, only over 2 months & 5 dates, but she’ll settle for now. To her, nearing 40 year-old, still single, seemingly strong on the outside, having been stood up at her own wedding, etc – she’ll just settle for whatever available, for however long the guy sticks around, cos they all eventually leave anyway, starting from her first love, who went away to the hospital & never came back. Left her to fend for herself, at age 15.

Her first kiss, tingles physically as expected, but now devoid of engaging the heart too much. Cos nothing lasts anyway.




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