Thirstday #54b: Pusher (2)

Thirstday #54b: Pusher (2)

Just occurred to me that being a pusher, I also enjoy being weird & trying out new experiences / learn new skills. The joy is actually in going through the learning process & later on, sharing with others with similar learning paths.

Another thing which kinda reminded me to remain objective is this moment of clarity which came a week post-time-to-let-go: I’m just needing to focus on the tasks at hand & move on. The sighs & regrets will ease themselves out of my heart – which they suddenly let go of their grip on my heart! And I’m free to look at things objectively!

Also through the stress of work, I also noticed an adjustment in my attitude towards stress / challenges: Don’t bitch about it! Just solve it! Pushers often carry a lonely task – that of mashing the enemy towers to clear the path for the rest of the team to attack. I realise that in order to complete the task, I need to remain objective & keep pushing forward. Not affected by whether others are supporting / disrupting the work. Focus is a huge thing as well – rather than being distracted by killing enemy heroes, I’ll focus on downing towers. Cos that’s my role in the team.

There. Completes my thoughts about pushers. 🙂 clarity is good.


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