Thirstday #54: Pusher


This is my Dota hero with which I am very comfortable & accustomed to using for team runs. As I played different RPGs, it has become very apparent my uncompetitive nature – as in will prefer to step aside than to vie with another to prove to be the ultimate winner. Am not the aggressive type who’s agile enough to kill other heroes – however, infuriated, I prove to be fatal. Death Prophet has an ulti-skill, gained at level 6, which basically calls out destroying spirits. Destroys enemy buildings, as well as hostiles who gives chase to the Prophet. Can down another hero within 15 seconds of chase.


Yesterday, wanting to try a new character, randomly selected Brewmaster & found myself actually literally gaining the end game for the team, while the enemy team was attacking home base. Interestingly, I actually came into the game late cos was disconnected. Was able to quickly level & subsequently pushed the team towards victory.

Think it kinda sums up my current state. Seems that am comfy to support others, but not very great at defending myself should I meet a stronger foe – so best bet is to escape. However, when met with any aggression, I’ll spare no mercy in retaliation – solely for self-preservation. Realise, I work well in a safe environment & a great team player too, most of the time, where everything is fair dincum. Will support as much as I know how, as long as I can keep my space & boundaries & balance intact. 🙂

I realised too, that I’m learning that my gut & intuition is quite accurate. Learning to listen & trust that as well. Discernments about people’s inner motives / thoughts have been relatively accurate & think gonna go with that for responses to situations / people for a while. Proven right on quite a few occasions lately: 90% accuracy so far. Some I’m leaving it to time to reveal the hidden agenda. But I notice, works better when I don’t react, but sit & wait it out.

Note to self: Unsure, sit it out. Time will prove the person.


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