Thirstday #52: Shaving

Was trying really hard 1st 3 days of work, after a fantastic holiday, to put on full make-up – moisturiser, sunblock, primer, liquid foundation, powder foundation, then eyebrows + shadow + eyeliner + blusher. Trying hard cos it’s been 2 weeks since I’ve had full make-up on. Truth be told, Italian climate added a glow on my skin which was not exactly achievable in these parts. I was an exotic beauty really lol… All I needed was an eyeliner, and a little blusher, and I looked fantabulous!


Back home, the humidity in these parts does awesome job of keeping it flushed & well, sweaty pretty much most of the day. And interestingly, the full make-up that used to stay on, now flakes off in patches, cos I’m pretty much perspiry & oily-surfaced all day. Didn’t noticed until a colleague told me about it. Then as I observed more, it looks really patchy. Lol…

Today, I decided to do without foundation, just the simple brows + blusher + shadow + liner + nude lipstick combi. Works perfectly & I looked fab even at end of day!

Realising increasingly too, some changes that’s coming on slowly, kinda creeping into becoming habits / new perspectives as I faced a stressful week. Coming back to work after 2-week hiatus is not funny. Lol… Esp the pace that I’m expected to land into is crazy fast! Basically, expected to land & move @ warp speed! In fact, faster cos I had a holiday! Lol…

I’m breathing more, more aware of moments that I need to put into perspective. Sure, expletives were muttered under my breath, sometimes I felt like bashing someone’s head, but I’m seeing those moments with more clarity & catching myself faster. That sense of taking a moment to put things into perspective seems to be a huge lesson this week. Stresses are really depending on how I look at them: slow down a tad & breathe to see that it’s really not so bad. Today, a potentially disastrous project situation just slid past me like it’s just an everyday issue. I actually saw it in perspective & put on the problem-solver hat instead of screaming at the issue.

I realised, after 2 days of ending a relatively significant relationship, I’m managing a lot better. Cos my worth as a woman & person is intact. The trip has led me to appreciate myself a lot more – the fact that I was CRAZY! And I was very capable of taking care of myself – no issues at all. I was crazy & so able to entertain myself & coming to terms with surfaced issues which I came across at moments on the trip. I was crazy to push myself & yet know what I want, and where my limit is, and respect that limit.


As I stopped along the way to gaze at the beauty of hues created by the Creator, I also come to appreciate the beauty in me, the exact specifications I am looking for in various aspects of my life. Cos I plan to live happily, ensuring I embrace more laughter than tears. At the same time, care for those closest to me to best I can.

Shaving off stuff that creates imbalance in my heart, have steered clear of things / persons who hurt my heart. Yes, I know tears are inevitable in life, but I intend to only shed tears when it’s worth the pain. Perhaps it means living within a tighter circle, becoming more selective of who gets into my heart. I’ll do what it takes to ensure I’m here, healthy, for the ones who mean alot to me & for those in future who will increasingly mean much as well.



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